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What We Are / What We Do

about endurance

EWS LLPwas founded in 2017 is a technology-driven solutions company that is focused on helping industry extend the service life of machine and equipment components that are exposed to industrial wear problems such as adhesive, abrasive, corrosion & oxidation, surface fatigue, fretting & erosion wear anddifference types of wear by using advanced thermal spray equipment.

How We Offer Solutions

Delivering cutting-edge solutions in surface enhancement.

  • We offer high quality HVOF/HVAFThermal Spray Technology with a range of special coatings to deliver surface endurance properties to your machine or equipment components.
  • Enduro coatings deliver results with lowest porosity & highest bond strength than any competition in the existing market.
  • To add further, coatings which offer characteristics possessing higher hardness & highest ductility provide consistent results as compare to other hvof coatings.

Whom We Work For

Working with multiple industry verticals

  • We engage with industries such as steel mill, paper making industries, power generation & oil and exploration & many more engineering applications
  • We seek to work with organisations who understand “cost of ownership” over life of the components.
  • We work with the solutions mind-set, as against the service orientation.

How We Benefit You

Working with multiple industry verticals

  • Delivering benefits of extended life &serviceability of your machinery, reducing operational cost, reducing downtime &increasing productivity.

Why You Should Engage With Endurance

How you get more by engaging Endurance Wear Solutions LLP.

  • Our Technological superiority delivers your machine components better endurance against wear.
  • Endurance Wear Solutions is a New Age Technology driven company that is innovative, and keen to introduce new and beneficial solutions to your “wear” problems.
  • Apart from standard “meet-to-spec” hvof, we offer the very latest hvafcoatings that deliver dramatically lower cost while offering greater endurance & higher quality of wear & corrosion resistant coatings.
  • We are solution oriented and seek to offer you the solution that you “need” and not the service that we have on “offer”.
  • Our on-going support with our industry leading partners enable us not only to deliver superior results in existing domains, but also devise customized anti-wear solutions based on our experience, knowledge and expertise.
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