EnduroMax Coating Materials

Endurance Wear Solutions use the highest-quality metal and carbide powders to spray a fine, superior homogenous, and super clean microstructure. We offer a range of EnduroMax Coating with different characteristics as per your industrial requirements.

EnduroMax 111

Highly alloyed metal coating is designed to enhance surface properties in harsh environments and to protect industrial surfaces from corrosion and erosion at the lowest cost.

EnduroMax 211

Nickel-based superalloy coatings are used in various applications, including jet engines, industrial turbine components, oil and gas applications, and numerous automotive and industrial components.


A series of cobalt-based coatings combine excellent mechanical wear resistance with exceptional corrosion resistance, especially at high temperatures. These coatings are resistant to cavitation, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and galling.

EnduroMax 411

Materials with the highest rate of abrasion and erosion wear protection – tungsten carbide. We provide several tungsten carbide-based coatings with different characteristics like anti-stick, smooth-as-sprayed, high cavitation resistance and highest corrosion resistance.

EnduroMax 511

It combines materials with remarkable abrasive wear resistance qualities for substantially higher temperatures (750°C).

EnduroMax 611

It was developed in collaboration with our overseas partners to provide exceptional coating qualities. We offer tailor-made solutions to our clients designed with various materials post detailed research of the wear mechanism and required customer demands.