HVOF and HVAF are quality wear-resistant thermal spray coatings that can withstand erosion and cavitation. Endurance Wear Solutions is one of the leading thermal spray coating companies in India that provides excellent coating services to various industries.



Our combined 30-plus years of expertise in this technological arena gives us an insider’s edge like none other. We’ve walked the path of innovation and pioneered solutions in the Indian wear solutions space. As the one-stop shop, we became a trustworthy brand for diverse surface modification techniques and thermal coating solutions.

In 2017, we took the plunge and founded Endurance Wear Solutions to spearhead thermal spray coating services across business sectors. The groundbreaking US-made HVAF & HVOF coating continues to combat industrial wear and tear issues like adhesion, abrasion, cavitation, corrosion, oxidation, surface fatigue, fretting and erosion wear. We aim to solve the problems caused by wear and tear through our Enduro Anti-Wear-Corrosion Coating/solutions with mechanical or metallurgical Bond.




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Endurance wear solutions have been in the business and earned the trust of countless clients for over 30 years. It is our dedication to impeccable quality and knack for innovation that has motivated us to provide our clients with nothing less than the best. Some of the qualities that have made us one of the best Thermal spray Coating and Laser Cladding Services providers in India include Quality Assurance and Control, Excellent Customer Service and On-time delivery. We also provide our clients with a 24-month guarantee of Caotong Life for Steel components.

Thermal coating spray is an industrial coating procedure that melts or heats metallic or ceramic materials and coats them onto a surface. This coating prevents oxidation and wearing of the surface enhancing its life.

Thermal spraying is a method that enhances or repairs a solid material's surface. A variety of materials and components can be coated with thermal spray coating to provide resistance to wear, erosion, cavitation, corrosion, abrasion, and heat.

One of the major benefits of opting for Thermal spray coating is its unmistakable capacity to reinforce and restore worn-out or damaged surfaces. Furthermore, this process makes it possible to deposit materials like ceramics, metals, and alloys in places where conventional fabrication techniques may be challenging or impossible.

Thermal Spray Aluminium or TSA is a long-lasting coating that can completely protect against corrosion and significantly extend the lifetime of a machine. A wide variety of industrial and infrastructural applications use thermal spray aluminium because these processes offer a flexible and affordable means to apply high-performance and reliable coatings.

Laser cladding is the process of subjecting a stream of metallic powder or wire into a melt pool. This melt pool is generated through a laser beam. It scans across the target surface and deposits a layer of coating of any chosen material. Laser cladding enables property improvements for the surface. Laser cladding creates a mechanical bond between the surface and the base material. It enables the repairing of damaged and worn surfaces.