MoB-CoCr- Molybdenum Boride Cobalt Chrome

  • Molybdenum Boride coatings offer good resistance to high temperature, erosion and sliding wear.
  • Our HVAF Molybdenum Boride composite coating has excellent non-stick properties at high-temperature applications.
  • The anti-stick coating is inert to molten metals (Zinс, Zinc-Aluminum, Aluminum, etc.)

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Molybdenum-based composite powder (Molybdenum/NiCr and Molybdenum/CoCr) deposited on SKD 61 (AISI – H-13) substrates are used as a preferred die (mould) material (khan Pt. al 2011). The durability of these coatings on cylindrical specimens against soldering has also been investigated by immersing them in the molten aluminum alloy (ADC-12) for 25 hours at 670˚C.

Research of Composite Anti-Stick Coatings


  • Laboratory research has shown that boride-based thermal spray coatings meet the above requirements for temperatures above 900˚F. Immersion tests have demonstrated that the MoB-based thermal spray coatings have much higher durability in the molten Al and Al-Zn alloys than conventional thermal spray tungsten carbide coatings. No damage or dissolution was observed in the MoB-based coating after long-term immersion in molten Al-45wt.%Zn alloy. On the other hand, conventional cermet and ceramic coatings were damaged due to dissolution or crack generation.
  • MoB-based cermet materials have excellent durability against molten aluminum because the matrix in MoB-based coating is a Co-based alloy compared with the pure Co metal matrix in the tungsten carbide coatings. The inertness of the matrix may be the reason for the higher erosion resistance of the MoB-based coating.

The Composition of Molybdenum Boride Anti-Stick Coating

Stock Material: Agglomerated and sintered MoB-CoCr powder

The nominal composition of metal anti-stick coating:

Nominal Composition Wt.%
Molybdenum Boride Base
Total boron 8.0 – 8.5 wt
Cobalt 25 – 28% wt
Chrome 13.5-15% wt

Micrograph of Molybdenum Boride – Cobalt Chrome Coating

Typical Applications of Molybdenum Boride Anti-Stick Coatings

  • Oil well drillings.
  • Die casting parts.
  • Continuous Galvanising Lines parts.
  • Galvanizing bath parts.
  • Sink rolls etc

MoB-CoCr Anti-Stick Coating Properties

Feature S.I.Units
apparent metallographic porosity <1.5%
bond strength to carbon steel (@ 500 microns ): )70 MPa (10,000 PSI)
Hardness 1000-1200HV300
Typical as-sprayed roughness Ra: 2-3.2μm
Maximum coating thickness 750micros
Maximum working temperature 900°C
MoB-CoCr Coating on Continuous Casting Rolls