flash carbide technology

flash carbide technology

Image Credit Courtesy Kermetico

Flash Carbide Technology

HVAF Flash-Carbide:  An Economical Alternative to Electroplated Hard Chrome.

Flash-Carbide is hard (over 1400 HV300) with a High-Velocity Air-Fuel (HVAF) spray of a dense coating of WC-10Co-4Cr composite material, applied to metallic parts and structures, improving their surface resistance to severe wear and tear.

The Flash-Carbide coating features

  • a thickness equable to dimensional tolerances of the treated parts (15-35 micron)
  • about 1-micron small thickness deviation
  • the roughness of the as-sprayed surface is like the ground surface, in the Ra=1.5 micron or even lower ballpark.

Ergo, Flash-Carbide surfaces do not require dimensional grinding as a simple polishing achieves the final surface roughness.

  • The Dense coating meets industry specifications for corrosion resistance (Typically set as duration without traces of corrosion during salt-spray corrosion testing).
  • Mechanical properties, such as fatigue resistance, wear, and erosion resistance, impact resistance, etc., exceed existing values for Electroplated Hard Chrome.

When coating cylindrical parts, such as hydraulic rods, pump plungers and shafts, the sprayed-and-finished Flash-Carbide cost drops below 4 INR per sq. cm (under 3000 INR per sq. foot), which is 10 to 20 times lower than a typical HVOF carbide coating.

Flash-Carbide: Survives 1000-hr salt spray corrosion test at as-sprayed thickness as low as 15 microns.

Flash-Carbide: Wear resistance exceeds electroplated chrome by 20+ fold


Flash Carbide coating on Progressive Cavity Rotor

WC-CoCr Flash Carbide Coating on Shaft

Flash Carbide Coating on Plunger

Flash Carbide Coating On Ball Valves, Polished.