Cr3C2-NiCr- Chromium Carbide Nickel Chrome

Endurance offers Chromium carbide coating with the following features

  • Resistance against wear at elevated temperature (up to 750˚C) due to the high wear resistance provided by the hard carbide content and the high-temperature oxidation nature.
  • Cr3C2 – NiCr coating’s properties are significantly influenced by the thermal spray process and parameters.
  • Dense coatings with improved toughness and homogeneous coating structure are produced by higher particle velocities and tightly controlled temperature of the HVAF process produce.
  • High density hard metal chromium carbide coatings show tremendous improvements in the ability to prevent corrosive media penetration into the substrate material.
  • Suitable at elevated temperature conditions where tungsten carbide coatings do not work.
  • Ductile properties are preserved even at temperatures above 600˚C.

The melting point of Cr3С2 feedstock is well below the combustion temperature in the HVAF process which eliminates the possibility of carbide dissolutions into the NiCr matrix during the coating process. As a result, no precipitation of carbide within the NiCr matrix is seen during thermal spraying of HVAF coatings.

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Cr3C2-NiCr Feedstock Properties

Agglomerated and sintered powder

Nominal composition Wt.%
Cr3C2 Base
Nickel 18-22
Total carbon 9.2-10.8
Chrome 4.5-5.5 (in metal phase)

Shield of Endurance Impact

  • Good Impact and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance against elevated temperatures
  • Substantial increase in service life by HVAF Cr3c2- NiCr coating coatings as compared to conventional HVOF processes due to low stress and porosity

HVAF Chromium Carbide Coating Properties

Apparent metallographic porosity, % <1.0
Bond strength to carbon steel (@50 µm thickness), PSI (MPa) 10,000 (70)
Coating hardness, HV300 950-1,100
Typical as-sprayed roughness Ra, microns 2-3
maximum coating thickness, mm 1
maximum working temperature, °C 750

Typical Applications of Chrome Carbide Coatings in India

• Pump Impellers.
• Ball valve and seats.
• Piston rings.
• Nozzles.
• Hard chrome alternative in hydraulic components.
• Boiler tubes in power generation

Did you know?

The CrC-Wc-M is a latest novel material developed to combine the properties of Wc-CoCr and CrC-NiCr cermet powders. They are used extensively to decrease the friction coefficient between various sliding components and to improve corrosion resistance in many industries.