About Us

Welcome to Endurance

The year was 1982 when Mr. Himanshu Doshi led a team and commissioned India’s first plasma spray coating system. Ceramic coatings were unheard of back in that era, and the world would see potential and possibilities in due course.

We already knew.


Our combined 30-plus years of expertise in this technological arena gives us an insider’s edge like none other. We’ve walked the path of innovation and pioneered solutions in the Indian wear solutions space. As the one-stop shop, we became a trustworthy brand for diverse surface modification techniques and solutions.


In 2017, we took the plunge and founded Endurance Wear Solutions to spearhead thermal spray coating services across business sectors.


The groundbreaking US-made HVAF & HVOF coating continues to combat industrial wear and tear issues like adhesion, abrasion, cavitation, corrosion, oxidation, surface fatigue, fretting and erosion wear. We aim to solve the problems caused by wear and tear through the laser cladding process.


Our customized coating services enable industries to prolong their equipment and machine components’ service life. The superior quality tungsten carbide with HVOF and fine, smooth-as-sprayed coating with sub-micron carbide powder with HVAF continue to set industry benchmarks with increased business profitability.


Essentially, we are dynamic trendsetters of the cost of ownership.


Ask us how, now.


We aim to be the go-to solutions provider for holistic and efficient thermal spray coating services pan India. We endeavour to extend the life span of your machinery and equipment through our cost of ownership.


We aspire to be the number one choice of manufacturers, entrepreneurs and industrialists for economical equipment maintenance contributing to consistent business profitability.


Globalization has put India on the map, and we are here to make our mark. We are one of the preferred markets for products and services, and the consistent demand to meet this machinery supply is massive. Maximum productivity depends on optimum operations and efficient machinery and equipment without cutting corners.

That is where Endurance Wear Solutions comes in.

We understand that every business is different, and so are their requirements. Hence, our customized services appeal to our customer base, no matter their organizational size.

Endurance means the ability to withstand. Rightly enough, our name stands for value, strength and efficiency combined. Our thermal spray coating solutions save time, money and effort. We changed the game by providing cost-effective maintenance solutions, and we are happy to state over the years, we accumulated no customers, only extended families.


Simple, it’s in the name. Our HVAF technological expertise combined with the meet-to-spec HVOF services is solution-oriented. Endurance Wear Solutions understands your need and crafts customized offerings accordingly. We don’t believe in selling our products and services. We strive to offer better endurance and holistic resolutions to your specific machinery wear and tear concerns.

We believe our job is to bring the best outcomes to the table, keeping in mind the client parameters. Our new age technology is well researched yet organic at the same time. We are flexible enough to accommodate the quantum of work and reliable with our robust technology backed with quality services.

Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for all your spray coating needs. Add to that, the network support of leading industry partners gives us an added domain edge. Endurance systems are 100% compliant with all existing HVOF standards for tungsten carbide coating applications, from aviation-specific SAE AMS 2447, 2448, and 7886 to proprietary Schlumberger, Weatherford, NOV or Siemens standards.

Additionally, our Win-Win policy is changing the coating industry one thermal spray at a time. Our program allows you a six-month trial period to test our coatings in your chosen conditions. If you are satisfied with the service life, you pay for the coating on the equipment. If not, we remove the coating at our cost and rebuild and hand over the component in its original condition.

Why and how can we afford this?

The logic is simple. We know what we are made of and are willing to bet on it. Are you up to raising the stakes?