Hard Chrome Replacement

Hard Chrome Replacement

Hard Chrome Replacement HVAF Coatings

With HVAF as a new development, hard chrome plating alternatives have reached the next level of work. Endurance offers high-velocity air fuelled (HVAF) spraying and considers HVAF a valuable innovation because of its upgraded features that are focused on alternative to hard chrome plating.

Electrolytic hard chrome coating (EHC) is widely used in the printing, automotive and offshore industries. However, the use of hexavalent chromium and the associated safety and health concerns restrict this process. Hard chrome replacement with safer technologies is the need of the hour. Since eco-friendly and long-lasting coatings of Tungsten carbide, stainless steel or Iron are necessary to protect equipment, high kinetic, thermal spraying technology is ideal.

Endurance offers HVAF and HVOF processes for hard chrome replacement of components. Newly developed HVAF systems use higher kinetic energy at a lower temperature, significantly reducing feedstock oxidation and carburization, further increasing resistance against wear and corrosion.

At Endurance, we analyze the kind of need prevalent in the industry and the cost of hard chrome plating alternatives. Then proceed with the coating solution to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our clients. Primarily, we start with understanding our clients’ needs in hard chrome alternatives. Whether we are working with an existing or a new client, we have strived to deliver the best hard chrome plating solutions. 

Endurance Wear Solutions has delivered innovative solutions, including hard chrome alternatives for numerous clients from multiple sectors while ensuring cost-effectiveness. 

Endurance shield effect

  • HVAF coatings improve corrosion protection, wear resistance, and production cost compared to HVOF and EHC rivals.
  • HVAF sprayed coatings are gas-tight at a thickness of 30-50 microns, giving them a smoothness after spraying.
  • With roughness of 1-1,5 µm Ra, fewer efforts are needed to grind or super-finish the sprayed coating leading to reduced costs.
  • The coatings are deposited with heavy feed rates, and adjoining areas can be welded with a buffer layer.
  • The high velocity of the inflight particle (faster than 1000m/s) in the HVAF process enables the production of very dense coatings with high bond strength (ASTM 633C bond test).
  • The low combustion spraying temperature (1960-2010º C) (depending on fuel gas) and gentle particles heating lead to minimal feedstock phase transformation and almost non-existent elemental depletion/ decomposition of the in-flight particles.
  • HVAF process uses Air instead of Oxygen, thus reducing oxide contents in coatings. This parameter is desirable for high-performance coatings.

Hard Chrome Alternative

Hard Chrome Replacement Coating on Hydraulic Ram/Pistons.

High Chrome Steel Coating on shafts

Hard Chrome Replacement Coating Iron(Fe) Based Coating for Marine Industry

At Endurance Wear Solutions, we aim for the utmost cost–effectiveness for our clients. We extend our HVAF and alternative to hard chrome replacement with cost–effectiveness. 



Why Choose Endurance offered Hard chrome plating alternatives?

Our innovative, flexible and tailor-made solutions have helped us achieve a competitive edge and a dominant position in the industry. At EWS, customer satisfaction is at the crux of all our activities.    

Our proficiency in delivering robust hard chrome plating alternatives results from our client’s trust in us to provide consistent and holistic resolutions that meet their specific needs.   


Below are the results attained after selecting EWS HVAF as a alternative to hard chrome plating


  • Lifes span of the machinery prolongs as the wear and tear of the machinery is removed after hard chrome replacement. 
  • Implementation of hard chrome plating alternatives leads to enhanced Smoothness of machinery surfaces   
  • Accelerated Efficiency in the functioning of machinery because of results in smooth surfaces    

Endurance Wear Solutions has been in the lead for supplying hard chrome replacement, trusted by several companies of multiple industries.