EnduroMax Coating Materials

We use only highest-quality metal and carbide powders to spray superior homogenous, fine, and super clean microstructure EnduroMax coatings.

EnduroMax 1XX – these highly alloyed metal coatings are designed to enhance surface properties in harsh environments and to protect industrial surfaces from corrosion, and erosion at the lowest cost. Check Super-Stainless and Amorphous sections to find out more.

EnduroMax 2XX – nickel-based super alloy coatings designed for use in a wide range of applications including jet engines, industrial turbine components, oil and gas applications, as well as numerous automotive and industrial components. Check Hastelloy section as an example.

EnduroMax 3XX series of coatings combine excellent mechanical wear resistance, especially at high temperatures, with very good corrosion resistance. These cobalt based coatings resistant to cavitation, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, and galling.

EnduroMax 4XX represent the material with the highest rate of abrasion and erosion wear protection – tungsten carbide. We provide several tungsten carbide-based coatings with different characteristics: anti-stick, smooth-as-sprayed, high cavitation resistance and higheк corrosion resistance. Check our WCCo and WCCoCr as the most widespread examples.

EnduroMax 5XX has slightly lower (but still impressive) abrasive wear resistance than 4XX. Fortunately, it exhibits its qualities up to substantially higher temperatures – up to 750°C. Check our
Chromium Carbide page as an example of this type of coatings.

EnduroMax 6XX line of coatings has been developed together with our overseas partners to provide exceptional coating qualities. Check our MoB-CoCr composite coating as an example of the heavy-duty composite coating.

Check application pages to learn more.

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HVAF EnduroMax 525 Coating, GroundEndurance Wear Solutions Llp HVOF and HVAF thermal spray EnduroMax coatings at our spray shop in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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