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HVAF & HVOF Hastelloy Coating India

  • HASTELLOY COATINGS developed by the HVAF process offers high resistance to uniform corrosion attack, localised corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking resistance.
  • HASTELLOY COATINGS – C (NiCr- Mo) offer resistance to oxidising and non – oxidising environment.
  • Hastelloy coatings are easy to spray and wear resistant in chloride based solutions. A typical phenomenon which occurs to austenitic stainless steel.
  • Due to its high amount of chromium and molybdenum content, it exhibits super resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion attacks in the presence of chlorides and other halides.
  • It can also resist sulphide stress, cracking in oil field environment.
    Why? – This coatings usually required where there is a corrosive attack combined with high temperature, abrasion, cavitation and erosion.
  • HastelloyC coatings depends on following characteristics, which are
    • porosity
    • bond strength
    • oxidation levels

Hastelloy-C Coating Characteristics

Pre-alloyed powder, gas-atomised.

Nominal Composition wt.%
Nickel base
Chromium 16-17
Molybdenum 16-17
Iorn Max 2.0
Silicon Max 1.0
Manganese Max 1.0
Carbon Max 0.10

Coating Properties

 Apparent metallographic porosity <1.0%
Hardness, HRC 20-30
Bond strength to carbon steel (@500 microns (0.020″) Thk), MPA (PSI) 80(12,000+)
Maximum coating thickness (as-sprayes),mm (inch) 2(0.080)
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Shield of Endurance Impact

  • HVAF coatings offer lower porosity and oxidation than typicalHVOF coatings due to much lower process/combustion temperature, faster particles velocity and less oxidation of feedstock materials.
  • Hastelloy coatings sprayed by HVOF and HVAF are well machinable.
  • Hastelloy C coating shows excellent resistance to corrosion in chlorides, reducing acids, hydrogen sulphides and gases containing sulphur oxides.
  • Resistance to elevated temperature and dew point corrosion.
  • Hastaloy is very ductile coating, and it allows welding in the near vicinity of the coatings.

Typical Applications of Hastelloy CoatingsUsed for corrosion protection of:

Used for corrosion protection of:

  • Impeller blades and housing of pumps.
  • Pump sleeves and fittings.
  • Sulphuric acid-handling equipment’s.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Pulp and paper production.

Certified by Chevron and other international oil and gas companies for corrosion protection of refinery vessels.

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