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HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Steel Mill Rolls

HVAF steel spraying

Rolls and mandrels in steel mill casting, cold rolling, pickling, continuous galvanizing and tinning lines work under challenging conditions that cause erosion, corrosive degradation and other damage.

We thermal spray HVOF/HVAF tungsten carbide and chromium carbide coatings in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to enhance the endurance and wear resistance of critical equipment in the continuous galvanizing lines, continuous cold mill processing lines of steel mill industry. Using our TC coatings is the ideal way to ensure long life serviceability of steel mill rollers despite continual use.

The Shield of Endurance Impact

The very first step in reducing wear and increasing Endurance is to understand the process of wear that the component undergoes. Understanding the problem will lead us to identify the metal coating that protects and improve its endurance

Endurance Wear Resistant Roll Coatings for the Steel industry

Cause of Wear of components Our recommended coating
Abrasive wear, pickup and loss of surface roughness Enduro-411
Corrosion, arc-induced pitting and abrasive wear Enduro-520
Zinc and dross pickup, abrasive wear and corrosion Enduro-910

Typical Steel Roll Coating Applications

TC Coatings for Steel Mill Rollers and Mandrels

  • Bridle Rolls
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Entry & Exit Mandrels
  • Tensiometer Rolls
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Pot Rolls
  • Looper Rolls
  • Flattening Rolls
  • Leveler Rolls
  • Gripping Rolls
  • Laminating Rolls

Paper Mills and print

  • Torsional Disks
  • Winding Rolls
  • Wire Drums
  • Wire Capstans
  • Continuous galvanizing lines,
  • Continuous cold mill processing lines
  • Cold rolling lines
  • Pickling lines
  • Tinning lines
  • Run-out-tables
  • Wire drawing lines

Did you know?

The main reason of a wear resistance coating in this segments are the different temperature gradient facing extreme conditions like oxidation and erosion protection at an elevated temperature.

The dross on the roll usually takes place when there is a drastic change in the pot temperature or intermittent line stoppage.

New Coating Development for Steel Mill Rollers

  • Our specialized coatings for the Paper industry such as (enduro411, Enduro920) are a sure fire way to improve the endurance quotient of your components from wear problems such as unwanted build-up, slippage, wear, and corrosion.
  • Our specialized coatings such as enduro910 help the Steel Industry address issues of wear in the components found in the Tension and steering, cleaning, furnaces, continuous galvanizing lines, as well as entry, exit and temper mill departments.

Tower Roll, Deflector Roll & Bridle Roll TC Coatings

tower roll HVAF TC coating

Thermal Spraying TC Coating onto Tower Roll

Large rolls, like bridle, deflector or tower rolls need special attention from an operator during spraying. HVOF systems, especially old ones, easily loose coating quality during continuous spraying, need time to cool down. It compromises coating quality and increases costs. Our new HVAF equipment allows to spray the largest tower roll in a couple of hours, keeping excellent quality and saving your money.

Tension Leveler Rolls, ROT Rolls

roll tungsten carbide

HVAF technology lets us spray harder, more uniform tungsten carbide coatings than usual HVOF. Your benefit? Extended life of the roll coating, with fewer quality issues to your product.

Coating Sink roll & Pot roll of Continuous Galvanizing Lines, CGL

Work conditions: Molten Zinc, temperature up to 460-500oC, moderate-to-mild sliding wear, zinc corrosion, zinc build-up causing dents on the strip being galvanized. HVAF Enduro coating has three important preferences:

  • Higher adhesion to the roll substrate
  • Gas and liquid impermeability
  • Extended wear and corrosion protection in molten metal
thermal spray

Thermal Spraying Impermeable Enduro Coating Onto a PotRoll

The result is longer lasting coating.

Repair of Wire Drums, Capstans, Step-Cones in Mumbai

TC coating with the mirror-like finish is the best measure to ensure the long life of step-cones, capstans and wire drums in wire drawing processes.

We develop our HVAF technology to help you extend service of critical rolls, improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.We are really good at repairing wire drawing parts with the hard wear resistant coatings here, in Mumbai-based Endurance Wear Coatings LLP.

Discover the benefits of the new HVAF Coatings.

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