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Coatings for Oil & Gas Industry in Mumbai

HVAF flat surface TC

HVOF Coating of a Refinery Vessel Part with Hastelloy Coating

Risk-free and reliable HVOF coating of components and equipment in the Oil & Gas industries.

Equipment used in Oil and Gas production plants and refineries have to work in hostile environmental conditions where they are constantly exposed to harsh chemical and other processes that cause corrosion, abrasion and erosion.

Failure of components in such environments will cause massive financial losses added to lost productivity. There is also the nightmarish possibility of oil spills and its consequential environmental damage and claims.

Ensuring benefits of lower downtime, higher reliability and longer service life.

Since failure is never an option to be considered, only the technologically best and the most reliable treatment will do for the Oil and Gas sector.

Endurance Wear Thermal Spray coating is an ideal way to ensure reliability and long life of your Components and Equipment despite their adverse environment. Our high quality thermal coatings will enhance the surface resistance and endurance of your components ensuring their reliability, and long serviceability.

The Shield of Endurance Impact

Our Fe (Iron based) and WC (Tungsten carbide) based coatings like ENDUROMAX-411 and ENDUROCORR-311 can protect your equipment’s from wear problems in harsh environments.

Typical applications of HVOF Coatings in Oil and Gas Industries

  • Sleeves
  • Bearings and bearing bushes
  • Hydraulic plungers
  • Pump shafts
  • Compressor rods
  • Mud Pump Rotors
  • Seals
  • Chemical and corrosive protection
  • Gate & Ball Valves and seats
  • Lip seal seats
  • O-ring seal seats
  • Mechanical seals

Did you know?

  • The HVAF Satellite 6 type coatings are successfully used for repairs over the weld overlays.
  • The Fe Based Eco friendly HVAF coating (hardness 53-55 HRC) is an effective solution for corrosion and wear problems on the valve stems and seats, pump impellers and stainless steel shafts.

Case studies of oil and gas parts coatings
Repair of Hydraulic Rod Coatings, Repair of Shafts

Our HVOF coating, EnduroMax, successfully replaces of hard chrome plating on hydraulic rods. Traditional coatings and hydraulics have never worked long enough. The porosity of hard chrome eventually allows the hydraulic fluid under pressure to penetrate the coating. Once the pressurized fluid hits the substrate, it spreads out under the coating, induces corrosion and lifts it off.

Our EnduroMax is harder than chrome, has higher adhesion and zero porosity. All these factors result in longer life of hydraulic rods and shafts with EnduroMax, even at the harshest industrial and seaside environments.

hydraulic rod flash carbide

Repair of Mud Pump Rotors and Other Down-hole tools

tungsten carbide coating
tungsten carbide coating

Repair of a Mud Pump Rotor Spraying Tungsten Carbide Coating

Repair Mandrels by Tungsten Carbide Coating

spine mandrel repair tungst

Spine Mandrel repaired by HVOF tungsten Carbide Coating

We spray tungsten carbide coatings to repair drilling mandrels according to specs of oil service companies.

Thermal Spray Coatings for Pump Impellers, Housings, Sleeves and Plungers in Mumbai

HVOF stellite 6 coating

Thermal Spray Stellite Coating Repair of a Pump Impeller.

In our thermal spray shop in Mumbai, we repair pump impellers with HVOF coating. On the picture aboveyou may see an example of spraying Stellite coating over Stellite weld overlay. Failure of Stellite overlay urged the customer to look for more advanced technology. HVAF Stellite worked just great.

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