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We Manufacture Parts with Hard Coatings in India

pump plunger tungsten

Pump Plungers with Tungsten Carbide Coatings Made to Order

  • Endurance Wear Solutions also undertakes Manufacturing activities of critical components offering the complete and full proof solutions to the customer end.
  • Critical dimensions like the bearing diameter or the barrel diameter on a roller / piston rod can be identified for successful operating condition. The main aim being that the component “RUN-OUT” should be close to possible zero-zero condition.
  • The component is manufactured as per the customer specification and special attention is given to critical “ Tolerances” .For example –Bearing Journal diameter on a specific roller or the reference diameters taken in to account while doing the post coating process.
  • Critical dimensions for “prepping” the coating are maintained during our In-house manufacturing process so that during assembly, the component is assembled in a systematic operating environment.
  • We combine the expertise of coatings and post grinding operations which effectively lead to rapid lead developments, in-house project management and low overheads letting our customer competitive.
  • Our contract manufacturing services avoid descriptions and provide unmatched quality and value. We can handle the entire cycle from purchasing the material to the finishing of the component with a bimetallic coating providing anti-wear characteristics.
  • Material selection is also offered as per the customer component functionality.

Parts with Coatings We Manufacture in Our Mumbai Shop

  • Hydraulic cylinder piston / shaft
  • Piston rods in extreme conditions.
  • Sleeves coated with WC- coating.
  • Steel mill Rolls (Keeping in Mind the critical dimensions).
  • Wear rings in pump industry.
  • Mandrels in Oil & Gas industry.

Visit the “Materials” section to view our different Endurance surface coatings.

Our Shop

Our shop is equipped with the newest HVAF and HVOF thermal spray coating equipment made in the USA in 2017, with turning, grinding and super-finishing equipment.

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