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HVAF and HVOF Stainless Steel Coating in Mumbai, India

  • We thermal spray HVAF stainless steel coatings provides to prevents of barrier protecting steel. Components against corrosion in sea water corrosive solutions such as mineral or organic acids.
  • Stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 316 L offer high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environment.
  • The austenitic structure gives good toughness at cryogenic temperature.
  • High hardness 3.50˚shows better corrosion resistance than 316 types alloys in H2s, H2So4 and sea water conditions.
  • Fe Cr Ni and Fe Cr Al, HVAF sprayed coatings are successful applications. Where corrosion wear oxidation resistance at elevated temperature are involved.
  • Other coatings have a risk of penetration of liquid to the base metal making, the based material to undergo corrosion, porosity and inadequate bond strength on the surface of the coating can Leeds to crevice corrosion.

Our coatings are gas tight (non – permeable to gas).

 Our HVAF coating compare to other thermal spraying coating
HVAF Plasma/Twin-Wire/Flame spray HVOF/D-Gun
It exhibits highest bond strength and lowest porosity Lower particles spee, low bond strength, high porosity level Good result, high process temperature and high oxid content
Gas-Tight coating Oxidized and porous coating Decarbuzation occurs for low melting elements
100(Microns)0.004 500(Microns) 150 (Microns)
  • These coatings are suitable for resistance to abrasive wear, corrosion and erosion.
  • An alternative to flash chrome coatings.
  • A lower cost alternative to 86-10-4 tungsten carbide coatings.

The Composition of Stainless Steel Powders

Element Standard Wt.% Measured Wt.%
C 0.03 0.024
Cr 16-17.2 16.57
Mn 0.5 0.07
P 0.4 0.029
SI 0.5 0.36
S 0.03 0.002
NI 10–11 10.53
CU 0.1 0.02
Mo 2-2.4 2.1
N 0 0.025

Properties of HVAF Stainless Steel Coatings

Apparent metallographic porosity,% 1%
Bond strength to Carbon 1200Psi
Hardness, HRC 53-55HRC
Typical as-sprayed roughness Ra: 150 micron incehs
Maximum coating thickness, Inch 0.080
Maximum working temperature, F 1200F
super stainless HVAF thermal spray coating

Micrograph of Super Stainless HVAF Thermal Spray Coating

Typical Applications of Super Stainless Coatings

  • Diesel engine valve seats.
  • Wear rings.
  • Plungers.
  • Water valves of FBC boiler.
  • Restoration of industrial parts
  • Advantages of HVAF Super Stainless Coatings

    A super-stainless HVAF hard facing coating has been developed to withstand corrosion induced by salt and hydrogen sulphide, as well as abrasion, that are all common

  • Environmental conditions the housings of down hole pumps and motors of oil artificial lift equipment are exposed to during their operation.
  • Did you know that super stainless coating has successfully replaced the Monel+epoxy coating on Electrical submersible Pump housings.

Endurance Wear Solutions Llp thermal spray HVOF and HVAF stainless steel coatings at our shop in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Call us or send an inquiry to get our best price.