Hard Chrome Replacement HVAF Coatings

Hard Chrome Replacement HVAF Coatings.

hard chrome alternative
  • Electrolytic hard chrome (EHC) which is still widely used in the printing, automotive and offshore industries is coming to be subjected to strong restriction in the next decade in the use of “hexavalent” chromium with the increasing strengthening of international normative.
  • The market needs eco-friendly and long lasting tungsten carbide or inexpensive stainless coating or chrome Fe- based coatings to fight corrosive environment.
  • High kinetic thermal spraying technology have shown growing interest past decades.
  • Compared to conventional HVOF process which pioneered the development of WC- based coated materials, newly developed “HVAF” symptoms are processing higher kinetic energy and more particularly at lower temperature
  • Which significantly reduce feedstock oxidation and carburization, further increasing respective wear and corrosion resistance properties.

Endurance shield effect

    • HVAF sprayed coatings are gas- tight
    • The coatings are deposited with heavy feed rates and adjoining areas can be welded with buffer layer.
    • HVAF coatings are superior to HVOF and EHC rivals in corrosion protection, wear resistance and production cost. The high velocity of the inflight particle ( faster than 1000m/s ) in HVAF process enables the production of very dense coatings with high bond strength ( ASTM 633C bond test ).
    • The low combustion spraying temperature (1960-2010º C )( depending on fuel gas ) and gentle particles heating lead to minimal feedstock phase transformation and almost non-existent elemental depletion/ decomposition of the in-flight particles.
    • The replacement of pure oxygen in the HVAF process by using air in the HVAF significantly reduces the oxides content in the coatings which is desirable for high performance coatings.
WC-10Co-4Cr Coating Features A Typical HVOF  Kermetico HVAF Gun Modes
 Economy  Balanced  Ultra
 Deposition efficiency, %  40-55  60-70  48-58  36-42
 Hardness, HV300  1,050-1,250  1,050-1,250  1,250-1,350  1,450-1,600+
 Young’s Modulus E, GPa  300  400  450  450
 Apparent metallographic porosity  <0.8  <0.8  <0.5  <0.3
 Bond strength, PSI     12,000 +
 The range of as-sprayed roughness, µm  3.5-4.5    1-3.2

Other Hard Chrome Plating Alternatives.

Numerous studies HVAF sprayed Fe-based coatings have shown their high corrosion resistance in different environments such as acid, alkaline, and chloride solutions. High-quality microstructures with low oxide content, high retention of the powder chemistry and low porosity have been reported and make this family of coatings suitable as a low-cost hard chrome replacement in many applications.

Repair of chrome plated parts in Maharashtra

We repair chrome-plated parts in our shop in Mumbai. We annihilate the chrome coating completely, spray brand-new wear and corrosion resistant EnduroMax coating on top of it, grind and polish the surface. After several days you get a part with the coating that works better than the original one.

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