HVOF & HVAF Thermal Spray Coatings in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Endurance Wear Solutions Llp Brings the Newest Coating Technology to India

HVOF tungsten carbide coatings are well known as a right mean of protection against corrosion, abrasion and wear. We have deep experience in thermal spraying HVOF coatings in India.

Recently we found a technology that is suitable for spraying HVOF, but also good at spraying HVAF coatings. HVAF coating is rapidly growing thermal spray technology that uses compressed air instead of pure oxygen to spray metal and carbide coatings. HVAF technology brings exceptional results spraying TC coatings (see HVAF vs. HVOF).

We use the US-made Convertible HVAF & HVOF coating system that sprays highly wear resistant coatings using either HVOF or HVAF coating technology, depending on customer needs. We can spray coarse aviation-grade tungsten carbide with HVOF or fine, smooth-as-sprayed coating with sub-micron carbide powder with HVAF.

Convertible is exceptional. It helps us spray tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Stellite, Inconel and many other coatings with the highest quality possible. We have a technology agreement with US-based developers of the technology and use their extensive know-how if needed.

Enhancing Endurance Extending service life with our “Shield of Endurance”

HVOF and HVAF Thermal Spray Coatings

  • Our HVOFWCCo and WCCoCr coatings have successfully met the aerospace material specification (AMS2447).
  • HVAF TC-coatings with micro-hardness of 1400-1600+HV outperform HVOF coatings by at least 3 to 5 times in slurry erosion test and up to 10 times in cavitation resistance test.
  • Even 30 microns of WCCoCr 86/10/4 sprayed with the HVAF process isimpermeable to gas and liquid at 30000 PSI testing.
  • We spray fast. Our equipment allows us to spray TS coatings much faster than traditional HVOF. We need minutes of spraying where old HVOF needs hours.
  • Tungsten carbide coatings by HVAF process are not degraded or decarburizedduring spraying. It ensures the highest impact resistance available on the thermal spray coating market.
  • We spray fine powders with HVAF. It results in smooth-as-sprayed coatings (0,8 Ra, 1,6 Ra, 3 Ra). Some of them do not require grinding at all, some need to be touch-ground. Less grinding means less stressed coatings, faster and less expensive!
  • High-quality surface preparation is a prerequisite for any successful coating. Our hot-jet velocity grit blasting on the substrate activates the initial process of thermal spraying to its optimum bond strength conditions.

Please see our “publications” page for technical papers to have more insightson our HVOF and HVAF coatings.

Coatings for Rolls, Shafts and Other Parts in Steel, Paper, Plastic and Energy

Please check up our industry solutions:
  • Steel roll and mandrel coatings
  • Paper Roll coatings
  • TC Coatings for Plastic industry: screws and augers
  • Repair of oil and gas parts: pump shafts, plungers, journals and valves
  • We are making manufacturing parts with coatings to your order
tungsten carbide coatings

We Offer the Best Value Coatings for your Money

We offer one-stop wear solutions to many industries verticals by spraying cemented tungsten carbides, chromium carbide and metallic compound coatings, metal and alloys coatings to resist wear and corrosion such as super stainless, Stellite, Inconel and Hastelloy type materials.
We offer metal coatings for heavy build up the bulk material of general engineering components traditionally done by TWAS (twin-wire arc).

We use STATE-OF-THE ART TECHNOLOGY, which is highly advanced by the uniform coating quality.
With 8 years plus experience in the thermal spraying industry, we can offer the tight solutions to your wear problems or suggest the right solution for your tailored application to the appropriate coating supplier.

Thermal Spray Coating Shop in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

robotic HVAF HVOF coating
HVOF thermal spray coating
  • HVOF+HVAF equipment
  • SIX-AXIS ROBOT to maintain the accessory for uniform per pass coating + 1-ton turntable + 12-feet turning lathe.
  • All turning, grinding and superfinishing services needed
  • Quality control instrumentation.

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